Mozambique: first African country to include Geoethics in the Deontological and Ethical code


Maputo_variouslpicturesMozambique: first African country to include Geoethics in the Deontological and Ethical code

This achievement was the result of the excellent activity of Prof. Lopo Vasconcelos IAGETH VP for Africa. The draft of the Deontological and Ethical Code (DEC) was presented by Prof. Vasconcelos to the AGMM General Assembly, held in Maputo on March 20th 2014, between 16h and 18h, at the Social Center of the Ministry of Mineral Resources.

The proposal was approved by unanimous vote, with some points still deserving some reformulation. This geoethical initiative is also in the framework of the MoU recently signed between the IAGETH and the GSAf to promote Geoethics in Africa.

Prof. Jesús Martínez-Frías, President of IAGETH was invited to travel to Maputo (Mozambique) to take part in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the creation of AGMM, during which the organization promoted, discussed and approved the Deontological and Ethical Code, in the AGMM General Assembly.

He also gave an invited talk, within the scope of the Day of Earth Sciences in Africa and Middle East, entitled «Geoeducation and Geoethics in Earth and Planetary Sciences: The exploration of Mars«. This talk was preceeded by a talk by Mr. Elidio Massuanganhe of the Geology Department of Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, concerning plagiarism and ethical issues with it related.

A more detailed report regarding this activity and others related to the visit of Prof. Martínez-Frías to Mozambique can be found here (in Portuguese) and here (in English).

Deontological and Ethical Code of the Mozambican Geoscientist:

English version

Portuguese version

mozam_deon_eth*New report:

The deontological and ethical code of Mozambique

by Prof. Lopo Vasconcelos

IAGETH VP for Africa,

Maputo, Mozambique



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