The book “Geoethics: Theory, Principles, Problems” is now publicly available for download

A non-profit project has been implemented by JAGETH.  The second edition of the first book about Geoethics – “Geoethics: Theory, Principles, Problems” (Nikitina, 2016) – has just been published.  As we already informed, the first edition was published four years ago (Nikitina, 2012):  the first book about geoethics worldwide. The monography was presented at a session dedicated to geoethics at the 34th International Geological Congress (Brisbane, Australia).

By this time 30 hard copies were sent to IAGETH national chapters and university and national libraries of 15 countries (Belgium, Cabo Verde, Cuba, Argentina, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, German, Japan, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Zimbabwe).

Now this book is publicly available. You can read it or download it here.

The translation of the book into French, Spanish and Arabic languages is in process.

By implementing this project, IAGETH hopes geoethical ideas and principles will be used as the best practices in the scientific research of the Earth and its mineral resources, landscapes, conserving geodiversity, mining, and sustainable development.

IAGETH congratulates its Firs Vice President: Dr Nataliya Nikitina for this second edition and her great work about geoethics!


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