Plan of Activities

By N. Nikitina, V. Kolb, M. Thornbush & J.C. Kullberg


1. Development of the list “Geoethical dilemmas through the prism of new challenges of time» containing individual blocks in the field of prospecting, mining (including astromining), treatment and utilization of mineral production, sustainability, natural hazards, geoconservation and geoheritage, urban planning, green chemistry, planetary protection, terraforming, astrobiology, geoeducation, geoscientific communication, gender (special issue in a gender issues journal).

2. Formation of the list of geoethical problems, dilemmas, situation for each continent

3. Geoethical examination of large mineral resources projects and domestic and international draft bills on subsoil, research and use of mineral resources

4. Development of professional codes of conduct for geologists, geophysics, geoscientists and other geo-related occupations

В. Research projects requiring special grants for their implementation

1. Investigation of future tendencies and development geoethical approaches for created longterm programs of mineral resources use in the globalizing world;

2. Problems of mineral resources internationalization in the globalizing world;

3. Social availability of mineral resources and development of geoethical criteria for its determination;

4. Methodological foundations of the development of geoethical problems in the mineral resources complex of any country with mineral resources wealth;

5. Geoethical principles and criteria for terraformation of other planets and for preservation of their geodiversity;

С. Applied activity

1. Development of IAGETH infrastructure;

2. Organization of the geoethical special sections within the framework of international and domestic conferences, symposia, congresses in the field of earth and planetary sciences, ecology, astrobiology, philosophy;

3. Publication of geoethical articles for international and domestic science journals (special issue in a gender issues journal).

4. Development of information geoethical resources for advancement and promotion of geoethical knowledge;

5. Promote of geoethical ideas with the use of “buddy system” where a relatively rich country partners up with a poor country may work to disseminate ideas, for instance through public talks or even through written documents;

6. Popularization of geoethical knowledge based on Californian-style lecture series that can be aired either on TV or by radio (and Internet);

7. Organization of international and domestic geoethical competitions for students by remote access;

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