cropped-IAGETH_logo.jpgIAGETH Working Group on Astrobioethics

The International Association on Geoethics is the only organization linking geosciences and ethics, which incorporates in its official definition the significance of astrobiology: “Studies on planetary geology (sensu lato) and astrobiology also require a geoethical approach”. See IAGETH definition of geoethics.

In addition, astrobiology is part of the “Geoethical dilemmas through the prism of new challenges of time”, which were included in the IAGETH Plan of Activities (see IAGETH, 31 July 2013).

In this framework, and taking into account the scientific expertise and international and inter-institutional activity of the IAGETH president on this subject, it was agreed to collaborate with Prof. Muriel Gargaud (President of the Société Française d’Exobiologie and Chair of the TD 1308 COST Action ORIGINS) for the creation of an International Working Group on Astrobioethics.

One of the main tasks of the WG will be to analyze the potential societal and ethical implications related to astrobiology, taking into account the complexity of the connections between its main scientific issues and goals (see, for instance, the NASA Astrobiology Institute Astrobiology Roadmap), and considering the synergies between both bioethical and geoethical approaches (from microbes to humans and from the Earth to space environments). The WG will be open to all IAGETH members, who are interested on this subject. Likewise, the incorporation of external associate members (as experts on different issues) is also welcome!

IAGETH Working Group on Astrobioethics

Coordination: Profs. Jesús Martínez-Frías and Muriel Gargaud


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