ZH_JMFProf. Zakaria Hamimi has visited Madrid (Spain) in the framework of the Gondwana 15 Conference.

The Conference was held at the Superior School of Mining Engineers of Madrid, which is next to the Spanish Geological Institute. As on previous occasions the conference deals with the Gondwana supercontinent from accretion in the Early Paleozoic till break-up in the Early Mesozoic.

This was an excellent occasion to meet him, in order to have an official contact and to debate about Geoethics and potential future activities and initiatives in Egypt.

Prof. Zakaria Hamimi (Benha University, Egypt) is the IAGETH National Chapter, Egypt and President of the Arabian Geosciences Union (ArabGU).


  1. Hi all!

    It would be very good to establish a collaboration with colleagues from Egypt to stop the «disintegration» of their important architectonic heritage. Last news about the possible disappearance of historical buildings in Alexandria are very preoccupying. Geoethics should try to get a role on the importance on this heritage, may be relating the issue to preservation on culture related to their natural stone.


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