JLGJosé Luis González, Member of the IAGETH Senior Advisory Board (ISAB) was awarded by the Spain Ministry of Defense with the prestigious «Cruz del Mérito Naval con Distintivo Blanco» (Cross of Naval Merit with White Decoration).

White Decoration is particularly devoted to actions, deeds or distinguished service during of missions or ordinary or extraordinary service in the armed forces or in connection with defense of the country.

José Luis González García received a Degree in Geology from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a Masters Degree in National Defense from the King Juan Carlos University. He has served as a Natural Hazards analyst in the Spain prime Minister’Office. Nowadays, he is the Head of the Early Warning and Monitoring Unit in the National Security Department of Spain. He is also President of the Spanish Geoethics Commission, member of the Spanish Commission of  Geodesy and Geophysics and a member of the Senior Advisory Board of the IAGETH.

About ISAB

The IAGETH EC and Council agreed to establish a Senior Advisory Board. The IAGETH Senior Advisory Board (ISAB) is comprised of a prestigious group of internationally recognized experts, from different regions and geoscientific disciplines. Although ISAB members don’t have specific functional tasks in the working of the IAGETH, they act as a “Think Tank” offering observations, guidance and advice and providing unique perspectives and insights to help on some issues.

Congratulations to José Luis González!



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