dilemmas_geoethics_PortoAs we already informed, The IX Portuguese National Congress of Geology / 12th Geology Congress of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (IXCNG/12oCGPLiP) was held in Porto, Portugal, from the 20th to the 24th July, 2014.

Two IAGETH Vice-Presidents – for Western Europe and Africa, José Carlos Kullberg and LopoVasconcelos, respectively -and the Treasurer – Rogério Rocha – attended the meeting and had an active participation.

José Carlos Kullberg and Rogério Rocha presented 5 oral communications as co-authors, under two topics – Sedimentary Basins, and Geosciences for Society. LopoVasconcelos was invited to deliver a plenary talk on geological resources of Mozambique, and co-chaired the sessions of the topic Geociences for Society.

During this session, a talk was delivered on:

Dilemmas of Geoethics: their potentialities in the perception of characteristics of geological knowledge

by António Almeida and Clara Vasconcelos from the Center of Geology of Porto University.

The paper has just been published and can be downloaded here:

* The paper is in Portuguese, with an Abstract in English


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