Lopo Vasconcelos: Excellence in Teaching Award – 1st Degree – 2014


lopocombi2IAGETH is happy to announce that Prof. Lopo Vasconcelos, IAGETH Vice President (Africa) and IAGETH National Chapter (Mozambique) has been the recipient of the  “Excellence in Teaching Award – 1st Degree – 2014” (Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique).

Lopo Vasconcelos

Associate Professor at the Department of Geology of Eduardo Mondlane University (Maputo, Mozambique) since 2004. However, he is linked to teaching of geosciences disciplines since 1975, still as a last year student. We has been responsible for the teaching of several subjects (more than 15) to several courses, as Geology, Agronomy, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Geography and Pedagogical Institute, amongst others. He graduated in 1975 at the then called University of Lourenço Marques, today Eduardo Mondlane University. He defended his PhD at Porto University, Portugal, about the petrography of Moatize (Mozambique) coals.

While teacher, he prepared several support studying materials for the students. Recently he published a book on Photogeology for the students of this discipline at his university. He is member of several scientific and professional organizations, having served as Vice-President of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) for Southern Africa for two mandates, and being the Editor of its Newsletter. He was also Vice-President of the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology (ICCP), also for two mandates, and in that positions he was responsible for implementing and coordinating the Training Courses Program of the ICCP, being responsible for its first 4 courses (Potsdam, Johannesburg and Porto). Presently serving as Vice-President of IAGETH for Africa. He was the founder of the Geological Mining Association of Mozambique (AGMM).


    • Dear Mary, thanks a lot for the complimets.
      The book is not translated into English. It is in Portuguese for our students here, as a guide for the theorictival nd practial classes.


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