hstg_dobleDr. Dolores Pereira, IAGETH member and Vice President for Southern Europe of the “Heritage Stone Task Group” (HSTG) at IUGS has submitted the following information:

The Heritage Stone Task Group is a Task Group within the IUGS. In March, HSTG had a proposal accepted as Project 637 of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP 637). With this acceptance, IGCP 637 offered $US6,000 in 2015 to support conference participation. As a Geoethics issue, we will give preference to supporting scientists from developing and emerging countries or who are young and/or women scientists.

All these collectives are under-represent in Geosciences. The grant must be used in the attendance to our session in the GSA Baltimore conference.

Recipients will be expected to make a conference presentation in our session, related to natural stones, architectonic heritage and related issues.

With regards to a previous institutional collaboration, it is important to stress that a work entitled “Geoeducation and Geoethics: Implications in natural hazards communication and preservation of architectonic heritage” was coordinated by Dr. Dolores Pereira and presented in EGU 2014 (Vienna). This contribution was carried out in the framework of an ERASMUS Intensive Program on “Global Heritage and Sustainability: Geological, Cultural and Historical”. Further information can be found here.

Contact: Dr. Dolores Pereira

Global Heritage Stone


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