Geoethics and IAGETH in G-EVER (Japan)


G-EVERlogoGeoethics and IAGETH will be present, for first time, in the 2nd G-EVER International Symposium and the 1st IUGS&SCJ International Workshop (Oct. 19 and 20, 2013 in Sendai, Tohoku, Japan)

TITLE: «Geoethical elements in risk communication» AUTHORS: Jose Luis González Garcia, Jesús Martínez-Frías and Niichi Nishiwaki.

Special thanks to Prof. Nishiwaki (IAGETH Vice President, Asia and National Chapter, Japan).

In accordance with the official website “the purposes of the G-EVER are: 1) To enhance collaboration among geological institutes within the Asian Circum-Pacific Region and rearrange existing information about the future risk for global earthquakes and volcanic disasters, 2) to build international and national networks, set up a website, and establish a consortium so that we can share and provide the information, 3) to create the environment to promote cooperative research, including personnel training, in the area with little information, especially in developing countries, and 4) to evaluate the risk of business activities in the Asia-Pacific region and seek to develop new business opportunities to provide information on the risk of catastrophic natural disasters. Through this full research of natural disasters, we can contribute to the society. Grasping disaster risk in advance enables us to reduce the damage from large-scale disasters, which are expected to cause worldwide impact on the economy. By improving the database for hazard risk information, we can assist international economic activities in formulating their BCP, and various private businesses concerning risk reduction, non life insurance».

Poster G-EVER Symposium

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