In accordance with the official website: “Coal plays an important role in the South African economy, and is the primary energy source for electricity generation«.

The Fossil Fuel Foundation “offers an independent multi-disciplinary forum committed to the development of individuals, industry and government through on-going education, conferences and courses. The FFF assists in coordinating projects including national policies and regional coal research and development

The purpose of this one day conference is to bring together all those involved in coal mining and related industries, to provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of relevant and practical information, the creation of networking opportunities and exposure to a variety of support services”.

For the first time, this Conference (Mozambique, 2 October 2013) will include a talk about Geoethics.

The talk will be given by Prof. Lopo Vasconcelos, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique. Prof. Vasconcelos is IAGETH VicePresident for Africa and IAGETH National Chapter in Mozambique.

Title: Geoethics: urgently needed!

2 October, Session Four (15:30-16:15)

The full programme can be downloaded here.

IAGETH is an affiliated organization of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).


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