astromapAl igual que COSPAR y la web del NASA Astrobiology Program, AstRoMap ha recogido también la noticia del establecimiento de la Red Española de Planetología y Astrobiología (REDESPA). Gracias a AstRoMap y, en particular, a Johanne Martínez-Schmitt.

«AstRoMap is supported by the European Commission under FP7. This project is implemented by a consortium of five partners (INTA-CAB, B-USOC, DLR, ESF and INAF). The project intends to provide a networking and foresight platform for the European scientific community involved or interested in astrobiology and planetary exploration research.»To achieve its overall objective of strengthening the coordination on the European landscape, the project will organise expert workshops and community consultations to support the identification and integration of scientific priorities. Furthermore, the project also intends to develop an accurate mapping of the European scientific landscape in the fields of astrobiology and planetary exploration, considering the expertise, the infrastructures but also education aspects. This will allow a snapshot of the European strengths on the international scene.» Seguir leyendo

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